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The Club was formed in the 1930s although with the advent of the Second World War all thoughts of motorcycling for pleasure were severely curtailed. However after a long hard winter in 1963 a group of local motorcyclists reformed the Lymington Motorcycle and Light Car Club. It was agreed that the Club would organize a series of road runs and attend local events to support local organizations and charities. 2013 was regarded as the 50th Anniversary of the re-formation.


A decision was taken in 2004 to form the Lymington Motorcycle & Light Car Club Limited and the Company was Incorporated on the 8th March 2005 under Company Number 5385168.


We are a non-profit making organization that welcomes male and female members of all ages, catering for modern and classic bikes, three wheelers and light cars.


Every Thursday and Sunday, we have a club run during the Summer months. There may also be further ride outs during dry cold weather but this will be annouced by the chairman during club meetings. (See the Runs List for details of all events).


Registered Office address:              Dunelm, Barrows Lane, Sway, SO41 6DE


Suggestions for runs are more than welcome,please send by email to club email address